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A “BEST BOOK” of the Year



“You understand Dindy (Virginia) better than all the other authors. She would have been tickled with your book, Hall of Mirrors.”

–Lorna Catling, Virginia Hall’s Niece


“… Rather than tell the story as straight history, Gralley has chosen to turn it into a novel with Hall as the protagonist and first-person narrator–an inspired decision.

There is no question that Hall was indefatigable. But Gralley’s treatment really brings that aspect home. We get to know Hall in all her tortured and scary moments. What pervades this novel like a miasma is the sensation of being a spy, a deceiver, to be always–always–on guard.

A fascinating, electric account of a heroic woman.”

Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)


“Gralley’s account of Hall’s time during the war is fast-paced . . .  a very satisfying read.”

–Historical Novel Society


“Hall of Mirrors offers an empowering message behind the inspiring story of one woman’s ability to overcome her mental and physical obstacles . . . 

I turned away from family and phone calls to find out what happens next.”

–Independent Book Review (Top Story)


“Craig Gralley’s engrossing new book brings to life a story largely unknown outside the corridors of CIA. This riveting account, written with elegant clarity, is a first-rate novel about one of America’s greatest spies. Hall of Mirrors is a tremendous read.”

–General David Petraeus, (US Army, Ret.); former Commander, Surge in Iraq; Coalition Forces in Afghanistan; USCENTCOM; and Director, CIA


“An extraordinary accomplishment. That is the only way I can describe Craig Gralley’s deeply researched and beautifully written account of this legendary disabled spy, who risked capture, torture, and death to help liberate WWII France. Narrated entirely in her voice as creatively imagined by Gralley, it can readily take its place alongside the most exciting of the latest thrillers. A stunner!”

–Peter Earnest, former CIA Senior Officer; Founding Executive Director, International Spy Museum 


“Craig Gralley’s book is an enthralling account of a legendary American spy. As an actress who has played Virginia Hall in a feature film, I was impressed with Craig’s ability to capture her spirit, perseverance, and tenacity.”

–Sarah Megan Thomas, Actress, Screenwriter, and Producer–“A Call to Spy”


“An engrossing work from a gifted writer, Hall of Mirrors captures the tenacity, resolve, and courage of a great heroine of the Second World War. Gralley has crafted a rich, intricate portrait of a woman who showed remarkable endurance under the threat of discovery. The novel reflects how Hall turned the personal challenges of her life into a shield against capture and execution.”



“Gralley has conjured the voice and captured the soul of one of America’s greatest heroes. This beautifully written book makes it abundantly clear that the Nazis were no match for her.”

–Charles Pinck, President, OSS Society


“Gralley gets inside Virginia Hall’s mind to provide insight into the fears, doubts, triumphs, and passions of a covert operative in one of the most lethal environments in modern history. His highly original re-imagining of Virginia Hall’s wartime exploits is a page-turning thriller, reminiscent of Ben Macintyre’s Agent Zigzag. Hall of Mirrors reminds us that heroism crosses all boundaries of race, gender, and disability.”

–Larry Pastor, MD; Psychiatrist and Army Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom