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The Day Everything Changed

Virginia Hall was hunting a marsh bird, known as the Gallinago (or Snipe) on the coast of Turkey when her gun discharged and led to the amputation of a portion of her left leg below the knee.

Virginia Hall’s Childhood Home: Box Horn Farm

Box Horn Farm was Virginia Hall’s childhood home. It had running water and electricity but lacked heating–which was supplied by a pot-bellied stove. Box Horn is where Virginia learned to walk again with her wooden prosthesis, she nicknamed, “Cuthbert.”

Staying in the Shadows

Virginia Hall received the Distinguished Service Cross from OSS Chief William ("Wild Bill") Donovan during a private ceremony in September 1945.  Originally, Donovan wanted President Truman to present the award but Virginia feared the ceremony would make the news and...

Help Me Crack the Code

Gestapo Chief Klaus Barbie, "The Butcher of Lyon," was closing in and Virginia Hall had to escape by crossing the snow-capped Pyrenees in the winter of 1942.  She made the grueling trek with her prosthetic limb she nicknamed "Cuthbert" only to be arrested and thrown...

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