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PARI: An Untold History of Spacemen and Spies

This amazing story of transformation tells how the small mountain community of Rosman, North Carolina helped to win the space race, the Cold War and became a model for science and space education.

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America’s greatest spy of WWII was a disabled woman from Baltimore named Virginia Hall.

Hall of Mirrors by Craig Gralley


A “Best Book” of the Year
Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)




“What pervades this novel like a miasma is the sensation of being a spy . . . A fascinating, electric account of a heroic woman.”

Kirkus Reviews 


“Fast-paced . . . very satisfying.”

—Historical Novel Society


“Engaging from the first page . . . Gralley makes you feel as though you are in enemy territory . . . Empowering.”

—Independent Book Review (top story)



“Riveting  . . . written with elegant clarity . . . 

A tremendous read.”

—General David Petraeus, Former Director, CIA



“An extraordinary accomplishment  

. . . A stunner!”

—Peter Earnest, Founding Executive Director, International Spy Museum


“You understand Dindy (Virginia) better than all the other authors. I’m sure she would have been tickled with Hall of Mirrors.”

—Lorna Catling, Virginia Hall’s Niece



Virginia Hall

Photo courtesy of Lorna Catling

Virginia Hall

“Hall of Mirrors” is the little-known story of disabled spy Virginia Hall — the Allies’ first female spy to live behind the lines in WWII France.

  • Virginia Hall conducted sabotage, jailbreaks and spied on the German military to support the allied cause.

  • Eventually betrayed, Virginia escaped Gestapo Chief Klaus Barbie, “The Butcher of Lyon,” by dragging her wooden leg for three days and 50 miles over the snow-capped Pyrenees to freedom in Spain.

  • Wanted posters called her, “the most dangerous allied agent.” A bounty was offered for her arrest. Still, Virginia demanded to return to France.

  • Despite the dangers — likely capture, torture, and death — Virginia returned to France on the eve of the D-Day invasion . . .

Hall of Mirrors is told in Virginia Hall’s voice —as she would tell her own story. It’s based on the research and insights gained during Craig Gralley’s 30-year career with the CIA.


To see photos and learn more about Virginia’s life of espionage, click here:

Virginia Hall blog.


Virginia Hall’s Escape Across the Pyrenees Mountains

In the winter of 1942, the Allies’ first female resident spy in France, Virginia Hall, was discovered by Gestapo Chief Klaus Barbie–“The Butcher of Lyon.” Hall’s only avenue of escape was across the rugged Pyrenees mountains. For three days and over 50 miles Hall dragged her prosthetic limb, nicknamed “Cuthbert,” through deep snow and ice. My wife Janet and I discovered Virginia Hall’s Freedom Trail in September 2017 and took this video of the mountains Virginia had to scale to reach freedom in Spain. The video was taken on the Spanish side looking northeast into the town Mantet, in France.

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As a former analyst and writer for CIA, I’ve long been captivated by Virginia Hall’s heroic story.  I traveled to France, walked in Virginia’s footsteps, and discovered her escape route over the rugged Pyrenees.  My story, “A Climb to Freedom,was featured in Studies in Intelligence—CIA’s premier journal for intelligence professionals.