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Virginia Hall: Honoring Women’s History Month

A Thought for Women's History Month It's sad that we have to have a "special" Women's History Month to honor women's accomplishments, but their contributions--like those of other marginalized citizens-- have been ignored, neglected, and down-played for centuries. When...

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A Call to Spy-East Bay Film Festival Interview

Of course, I said, "Yes!" when Sarah Megan Thomas asked me to serve as a guest host and join her and actor Samuel Rukin to discuss "A Call to Spy" at the East Bay Jewish Film Festival. I told the audience about my research on Virginia Hall, America's greatest spy of...

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A Call to Spy–Movie Review by Craig Gralley

A CIA psychiatrist told me in a recent interview that movies can help you build resilience to adversity. “Movie-goers see hardships and heroism, and think, ‘Maybe I can be brave, too.’” In other words, seeing “A Call to Spy,” could be good for you. “A Call to Spy,” is...

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A Woman of No Importance—Reviewed by Craig Gralley

A Woman of No Importance—The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II Sonia Purnell (Viking, 2019), 368 pp. Reviewed by Craig Gralley Sonia Purnell’s biography of Office of Special Operations (OSS) and CIA clandestine officer Virginia Hall, A Woman...

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Virginia Hall– Life in Spanish Prison

Virginia Hall was thrown into Spanish prison for crossing the border illegally. But she had secret information for London and had a Spanish prostitute smuggle it out. After being released, Virginia demanded to return to France.

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