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Virginia Hall– Life in Spanish Prison

Virginia Hall was thrown into Spanish prison for crossing the border illegally. But she had secret information for London and had a Spanish prostitute smuggle it out. After being released, Virginia demanded to return to France.

“My Time is Up”: Virginia Hall–The Spy Revealed

Working Behind the Lines in Vichy Virginia entered France in the spring of 1941 as an undercover agent for British Intelligence with a mission to provide information on political developments, economic conditions, and the French will to resist the German occupation....

Virginia Hall: The “Journalist-Spy”

Covering Her Tracks Virginia, recruited by British Intelligence to be its "eyes and ears" in Vichy France, needed a cover story to keep the French Secret Police and Gestapo from prying into her clandestine life. Early in 1941 she contacted a family friend on the Board...

Virginia Hall: America’s First Spy of World War II

Virginia Hall was driving an ambulance when the Nazis invaded France. She fled to London where British spymasters quickly recruited Virginia to be America’s first and greatest spy of the Second World War.

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